1. 20:23 8th May 2014

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    pb’s clearly been squattin’ crazy nasty.

    Coming out of semi-retirement to add Princess Bubblegum to the list of thigh-friendly celebs.

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    Iggy Azalea

    Iggy Azalea

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    If your thighs touch then you’re one step closer to being a mermaid so who’s the real winner here

  4. You are awesome

    I just stumbled across this blog after a post on Yahoo about the tumblr fuckyeahthighgap- which I do agree promotes poor body image.

    I’m a very fit person and at 5’5” with a lot of muscle but also dread *fat* ;) I weigh in at 142 lbs. At my thinnest (back when I was starving myself instead of eating healthy and exercising) I weighed 126 and I looked sickly and felt sickly. It just wasn’t right for my body type- but I was in search of the coveted thigh gap, which I never got btw. My Crossfit trainer sister also has no thigh gap and informed me I will never have one without starvation or surgery.

    I finally stopped starving myself and at my current weight I feel confident and sexy. I sometimes find myself wishing I was skinny- there are some styles that my naturally thin cousin rocks that don’t work on me and I get jealous… but then I find a style that doesn’t work on her and looks amazing on me. She is equally jealous of my body sometimes.  

    Every body is beautiful. If women would start complimenting each other and seeing the beauty in everyone instead of constantly comparing every single thing we would all be a lot happier.

    My sister's wedding- I'm the one on the right. Our weights range from 128-165. Can you guess who is who?

    This is from my sister’s wedding. I’m on the right. The four of us range in weight from 128lbs- 165lbs. I bet you guess wrong on who’s the heaviest. Guess what? It doesn’t matter!

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    Anonymous said: I just figured I'd let you know: "the gap" is not the fact that your thighs don't touch, it's that small circular-shaped hole that is created by a woman with thick buttocks and toned legs when her feet are together. It does not mean legs that are so thin that they never touch. The idea is that they DO touch, but have a gap between where they touch (mid-upper thigh) and where her legs meet (groin). Just an fyi and I'm not sure how girls came to think it meant something different. Have a good one.

    That might be what the term originally meant, but it’s come to mean the space between your legs when they don’t touch. Language evolves over time, whether that’s a long or short period of time. In the case of “thigh gap,” I would imagine that it was a shorter period of time, but who knows, maybe there were cavepeople stressing about their legs because their thighs were touching. 

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    Kate Upton

    Kate Upton

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    Letter from a d00d

    By the way I a man, talking about my desire : I have suspected - then checked - that my conception of an attractive body part depends on how frequently I have seen it on made-on-purpose sexy pictures. This means that there actualy is a war of images - it is a question of public sanity to fight back the overwhelming presence of some physical caracteristics by spreading images of DIVERSITY. It works, keep posting. It would be long to talk about the relationship between desire and exterior aspect, 

    that’s not so simple as I sometimes hear. Basically, the eyes can get horny and the imagination follows but real desire that moves a person into action needs much more that physical aspect. And by the way, male desire only is a bit of the problem, representation of male desire is another one, aceptation of getting older another one, loss of control over my body - I AM it and I don’t owe it - and… son on. You know? Sorry I get confused, feel free to erase my comment if you don’t see the point.

    I think I get the general gist of your message - you, as a man, have been influenced to think certain characteristic are “sexy” by the distorted images portrayed in the media. And that male desire isn’t the only problem, there are other things that are wrong with the way the female body is shown in the media.

    So yeah, I agree with you on that front.

    However, I also kinda take issue with the fact that you’re viewing this blog only through the lens of your sexual desire. I didn’t start this project so guys could come look at chicks and objectify them. I started this project so people could see bodies that look like their own, so they would know that there wasn’t something fundamentally wrong with them just because their thighs touch. This blog isn’t for you. This blog is for the girls who starve themselves so they can look like Photoshopped pictures of models emaciated models. This blog is for people who have been taught their entire lives that they aren’t worthy of love or respect because of the number on the scale or the waistband of their jeans. This blog is for me, so I can learn to stop hating my body and be happy that it works and is healthy. 

    This blog isn’t about what does or does not make you horny. I don’t give a shit if you want to fuck me, regardless of or because of my thighs. The world does not revolve around what men find attractive. My mental well being and self respect is not contingent upon your boner. So if you find women with touching thighs attractive, that’s fine and I’m real happy for you, but it doesn’t fucking matter what you find attractive. What matters is how my readers and I feel about our bodies and our souls.

  8. Anonymous said: About that girl of 2013/02/02 it seems that she is artist Cassandra Ventura (Cassie). Made a sgoogle image search from the picture. The funny thing is that Google says "Most probable : touching thighs"... She is an icon!

    Thanks, dogg! I updated the post to include her name. My lack of knowledge of pop music rears it’s ugly head once again.

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    Just a reminder to women that cellulite isn’t this evil thing that only ‘fat’ people have. Most women, including well known celebrities have cellulite. The term cellulite was started in the 1960’s in a Vogue magazine. Its nothing more than the body storing fat, which practically every person has to some degree. Don’t be ashamed of something that’s normal!

    Thank you for this post.

    I really needed this. Bless you.

    98% of women have cellulite in fact, which is the same amount of women who have breasts.

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    I am 13. I can’t gain weight like a normal teenage girl. I only weigh 94 pounds and have touching thighs. Girls shouldn’t think losing weight will achieve a thigh gap. I am who I am and I love me. Fuck yeah, touching thighs!!!

    I am 13. I can’t gain weight like a normal teenage girl. I only weigh 94 pounds and have touching thighs. Girls shouldn’t think losing weight will achieve a thigh gap. I am who I am and I love me. Fuck yeah, touching thighs!!!